Jorge’s Birth Story

Jorge Preston Reyes

7 lbs 

19.5 inches 

Due Date: June 14th

Date of Birth: May 28th (37w+4d)

At my 36 week appointment (May 22)  my BP was extremely high, after monitoring myself and baby, and many tests we found that I didn’t have pre eclampsia and I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension. We were then put on bed rest and I was told to watch for other symptoms like headache, vision changes, swelling, etc. 

On the following Tuesday (May 26), I was having contractions. When they started there was really no pattern to them. Around 1 that afternoon, I noticed they were about 10 min apart. I decided to still go to the chiropractor that afternoon because my back and neck was hurting. By 4:30 that evening they were about 5-6 min apart. I also had a headache that started at about noon, but was very dull. I called the triage line at about 7:30 and they told us to go into labor and delivery, we got there around 9 pm. 

The drive there was something! We had to drop Evie off at my parents house, and it was pouring outside. Like a torrential downpour, I thought we were going to start hydroplaning on the highway!

We got there, and my doctor happened to already be there checking on another patient so she came in and checked on me. My BP was very high, and due to the contractions and headache they admitted me. However, I wasn’t dilated at all. In triage they did my bloodwork, did the Covid test (felt like my brain was being tickled – didn’t help my headache at all), and then we went into our room. We had to wear masks until my Covid results came back. It took about an hour for them to come back, and it came back negative so we were able to take our masks off, but we had to stay in our room. I was in the nicest room, seriously, it was huge! Made it a whole lot easier to labor in a large room during COVID, since I could walk around in there! 

This was us in the triage room after we were told I was being admitted into the hospital!

The first thing we did was take out my diffuser and all my essential oils! I had lavender diffusing the whole time, the nurses would walk in and say it smelled like a spa! Jurgen rubbed clary sage and lavender around my belly for me throughout labor as well.

They put Cervidil in and it made my contractions worse. My back pain at this point was the worst part, the rest just felt very crampy. After 12 hours, they took out the Cervidil and did a check, I still wasn’t dilated but she said my cervix was very soft. So they started me on Cytotec. At this point I would say the pain was at about 5/6, and I hadn’t had any pain interventions. I was wanting to labor in the tub to help with pain but I couldn’t because of the Cervidil and now Cytotec. I had my first dose of Cytotec at 12:30 pm, and then a second dose at 4:30 pm. During that time I tried walking, the yoga ball, and other positions to try and get things going. 

During all of this, I had a group chat going on with my parents, grandma, and aunts. Laboring in the middle of COVID brought many challenges that I didn’t think I would have to face. I had always wanted my mom in the labor and delivery room with me, but that wasn’t possible. Having this group chat open was so great for me! I was able to get support from my family since they weren’t able to be there. 

I sent them a text at 6:17 pm saying contractions were 2-4 min apart, dilated at 1 cm, and my BP was finally under control. At this point I was laboring for a little over 24 hours without any pain interventions. 

I had another dose of cytotec at 8:30, and lost my mucus plug about an hour after that! That was one of the first signs that baby was finally starting to come! 

After 12 hours of Cervidil and 3 doses of cytotec, my water broke around midnight, and the pain really started to worsen, it went from a 5/6 to an 8/9. I was only dilated at a 2 so they gave me an oral dose of Cytotec. I really wanted to have a pain intervention free labor and delivery but I also had an open mind to get help if I needed it. I had Fetnyal via IV, but it faded after about 30 min. 

At about 1 am, my body was shaking with pain it was at a 10 by this point. After being in labor for 30+ hours I was exhausted. They allowed me to labor in the tub but at this point, my body was in too much pain and I was too tired to be able to focus on breathing through the contractions, and I wasn’t in a place mentally where I could get through it without pain interventions anymore. So I asked for the epidural. Since it took awhile to get the epidural they gave me another dose of the Fetnyal, but it didn’t even touch the pain. I finally got the epidural at about 2:30 am. This allowed me to sleep a little bit, and they had me positioned with the peanut ball. 

They came in and checked me at about 5:30 am, and I was at 5 cm, and then I switched to the other side with the peanut ball. I was able to sleep some more, they came in at 8 am, and they were going to put me on pitcocin to get labor going more since my water was already broken and they were starting to worry about infection if I labored through that day, but I was fully dilated! The doctor came in at 8:30, and I started pushing! I pushed for 2 hours, and Jorge Preston Reyes was born at 10:35 AM! 💙💙💙

I live in the metro area in Minneapolis, MN – when we were discharged to go home, we were told that there were protests by our home. With the nature of how some of the protests were going, and the terrible riots, we were told to not go to our home that night. The anxiety of all of the hurt and unrest in our city around us was very overwhelming to me. So we ended up staying at my parents for 2 nights after being discharged. That first night there we got almost no sleep. Between my anxiety, and Jorge crying almost all night long, we got almost no sleep. Jorge would not eat and that made me worry even more! The baby blues are SO REAL! I cried so much that first day home, seriously, so many tears. 

Staying with my parents  turned out to be such a blessing in disguise because our poor little guy lost 11% of his birthweight by that next morning, and his bilirubin was  very high when the home care nurse visited that next day (Saturday). She scared me so much saying that if I didn’t get him to feed he would be hospitalized – this made me cry even more – not a great feeling 😦 

They started him on phototherapy, and I reached out to family and people in our church asking them to pray! I am so thankful for the prayers from our family and church – God answers our prayers! Jorge gained 3oz within 1 day! That extra support from my parents was such a blessing when I was so overwhelmed with anxiety and bringing a newborn home. We ended up going home on Sunday, but my anxiety was still very high! 

My husband has been absolutely amazing. He was by my side through the entire labor and has been a huge help! He is the best dad to our little guy. Watching him care for Jorge makes me fall in love with him more and more (I didn’t think that was even possible!). 

While my labor wasn’t anything like I was expecting, it was beautiful, and positive for me. I don’t have any regrets! Thankful for the Mommy Labor Nurse birthing course I took online, it definitely prepared me for labor, and showed me the importance to having an open mind. Knowledge is power, and having an open mind made this labor a positive story. I share all of this so I don’t forget the little details, but also because I hope this helps someone as they are preparing for their little one to come!💙

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