Young Living – Premium Starter Kit Review

Happy Wednesday! We have made it halfway through the week – are you hanging in there?

I wanted to do a review of the Young Living Premium Starter Kit for you guys! For months, I have been eyeing the Aria diffuser, and I snagged one of the Aria Premium Starter Kits when they were back in stock in June! They just so happen to be coming back in stock today!!

When I tell you that this warmer is beautiful, I mean this warmer is literally SO BEAUTIFUL!

It reminds me of something that an apothecary would have had in their shop – so cool! I have this beauty diffusing all day every day!

Before I jump into what came in my starter kit, I want to explain to you why I chose Young Living, and what essential oils are.

What even are essential oils?

These oils come from a low-heat, slow-steam distillation process. During this process, the oils become highly concentrated. 

The easiest and most simple way to explain it is to think about when you see a plant, and you take the leaves and rub them between your fingers. That smell you get? THAT is the essential oil of the plant.

The essential oil can be obtained from roots, trees, seeds, shrubs, flowers or leaves. The chemistry is extremely complex and could consist of hundreds of different chemical compounds. Essential oils are very powerful and able to reach every part of our bodies on a cellular level. Within minutes of breathing in or using an essential oil, they can be found in every organ of your body.

From a fragrant standpoint, essential oils work on the limbic system in the brain where emotions are stored and can help us relax and clear our mind, which is great, because emotional wellness has a HUGE impact on our overall health.

Therapeutic Grade Young Living Oils do the following:
-Reach every cell in your body within 20 minutes when applied topically
-eliminate toxins from your body
-regenerate DNA
-release emotional trauma, relax and clear the mind (through the limbic system)
-transport nutrients to starving human cells
-act as powerful antioxidants
-increase oxygenation
-remove toxins in the air
-increase negative ions in the area which inhibit bacterial growth

Why Young Living? 

Many essential oils out there are only for cosmetics and perfumes. Young Living’s oils are therapeutic grade oils. These oils are a result of Young Living’s strict, detailed method for producing the oils to obtain the purest plant essences. Young Living calls this their Seed to Seal® process. Every step from planting seeds to sealing bottles is detailed and controlled. This Seed to Seal® process is the main reason most people chose Young Living.

All of YL oils come from farms that we own or that we partner with so they can closely monitor the process.

There are other reputable brands out there, but what makes YL so great is they we use non-GMO seeds, and sustainable farming practices . 

Also, did you know that you can visit the Young Living farms? How awesome is that?!😱

YL’s oils do not contain any fillers, or synthetic materials. So you can be confident in knowing that every drop of our oils is 100% pure. Because of this, you may find that it will require fewer drops at a time to achieve the end result you are looking for – that means your oils last a lot longer!

Now that we know what Essential Oils are, and what makes Young Living so great – let’s see what comes in this amazing kit!

Premium Starter Kit

This kit is by far the most popular one out there, and has the most savings!

In this kit, you get:

12 5 ml Essential Oils:
Lavender – $15.79
Frankincense – $ 40.13
Valor – $52.30
Peace & Calming – $45.72
Panaway – $47.70
Raven – $21.71
Stress Away – $13.33
Lemon Vitality – $8.22
Peppermint Vitality – $13.49
Digize Vitality – $18.42
Thieves Vitality – $19.41
Citrus Fresh Vitality – $9.87

A Diffuser of your choosing! – $83.88 for Desert Mist and Dewdrop Diffusers – can choose the Aria or the Rainstone for an extra cost.
1 Thieves Spray – $9.252
Ningxia Red packets – $7.63
Thieves Hand Purifier – $6.58
2 AromaGlide Roller Fitments-$2.63
24% off all YL products – $45.00
Product Guide
Essential Oil Magazine
Member Resources
Not to mention you get to be a part of a super fun community that will support your oil journey!

That’s $461.06 worth of oils and goodies for $165!

Why do I need these oils?

I am going to breakdown how I have been using all of these products! There are SEVERAL uses for each of these products, these are just a few that I love!


When you think of essential oil, this is probably one of the first that come to mind! I have used it in the following ways:
– diffuse with peace & calming, this will literally give you the best sleep!
– add to a roller with Frankincense to create a blend that soothes and supports healthy skin
– have a sun burn? Rub some lavender on it! It will soothe the burn, I promise it works!
– put a few drops on the tile before you take a shower, you will be so relaxed!


Oh Frank – this oil is incredible for your skin!
– make a roller with lavender for some of the best support for your skin. My skin is glowing after using this roller for only a few weeks!
– diffuse to bring balance and a calming affect
– helps to support your immune system!


Holy WOW! This oil is so amazing! I helps with all the feelings and emotions.
– feeling anxious? put a drop in your hand, inhale it and take a few deep breaths, rub it together and rub on your arms in a hugging motion.
– diffuse with Frankincense for all the zen!
– after your chiropractor visit, roll down your spine – to help support your spinal alignment!

Peace & Calming

This oil has helped me in so many ways!!
– diffuse for great sleep or a calm atmosphere
– inhale and apply topically to help with anxiety – this has been a lifesaver for me, goodbye postpartum anxiety!
– great for babies! Dillute appropriately and put into a roller to help calm your babes. This works wonders on my little babe when he is restless and fussy! This will be great when babe is older too, for tantrums!


If you struggle with headaches like me, you will LOVE this oil!
– rub a drop into your forehead, and then apply ice for a bit – your headache will be gone, I promise you!
– I also made a really great headache relief roller with this oil, see how I did this here.
– diffuse with stress away, it literally smells like a root beer float!


Need to clear your sinuses? This is the oil for you!
– inhale to help clear your sinuses! My husband loves this oil on days when his allergies are too much to handle!
– diffuse with frankincense, stress away, and panaway for the ultimate spa day feel

Stress Away

The name gives it away .. If you have stress, you need this oil LOL
– mix in a roller so you can roll the stress away on the go!
– this sweet blend is so relaxing!
– diffuse with lime and bergamot for the ultimate beach vibes!

Lemon Vitality

This oil has so many uses!
– diffuse with peppermint to help motivate you to start your day!
– natural goo be gone!
– add a few drops to a glass of water for a refreshing drink! Also a great addition to Ningxia Red! *oils must be added to glass or stainless steal only, not plastic*

Peppermint Vitality

Peppermint is so refreshing!
– another great oil to help with headaches!
– love to diffuse this one
– add to hot cocoa or brownies for a delicious treat!

Digize Vitality

THIS OIL is MAGIC! This is the oil that was a huge game changer for me! Our little babe was struggling with bowel movements when we had to switch to formula. I diluted this safely for his age to a carrier oil, and put it into a roller. You roll over the navel clockwise to get things going, and then roll it counterclockwise to slow things down! How incredible is that?

Thieves Vitality

This oil is the ultimate immune system supporter!
– add to your coffee grounds for a delicious cup of coffee
– diffuse for all the immune boosting holiday feels!

Citrus Fresh Vitality

Give me all the citrus!
– another great addition to a glass of water or Ningxia Red!
– Diffuse this to help remove any and all odors in your home.

The Extras


As I mentioned in the beginning, the Aria diffuser is AMAZING!! But so are all the other ones too! You need one of these 🙂

Thieves Spray

Use this baby to clean small surfaces like door handles, light switches, public toilet seats, carts, etc! You are going to want to add this to your purse or diaper bag!

Ningxia Red

I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff! So tasty, and it gives all the energy you need without tons of sugar and bad stuff! Check out the image below for some of the benefits!

Thieves Hand Purifier

Hand sanitizer to cleanse your hands, has peppermint oil in it – clean hands without the icky smell!

24% off all YL Products

This is one of the coolest things! When you purchase your Premium Starter Kit, you become a LIFETIME member, meaning you will always get the 24% off Wholesale price. This is such an amazing thing!

Essential Rewards

You can use your premium starter kit to sign up for Essential Rewards! This is basically a really cool holistic “subscribe and save”! All you have to do is order 50 PV (about $50). By doing this you will earn store credit back! Also, if you spend 100 PV or more you get even more FREE oils! Young Living loves to give to their members, and it shows! Check out the free oils that you can get this month, below!

If all of that sounds amazing to you, let me help you grab your kit! Click this link! If you need help signing up, watch the video below!

That’s how you grab your kit, so easy right!

Once you’ve checked out, send me an e-mail to let me know, and I will get a welcome kit off to you!

And get you added to our private education groups to learn everything you need to know! We have an amazing community of oily friends that are here to support you in your oily journey!

Still have questions? I am here to answer any of those for you! 🙂

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